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An Independent Evaluation of Richard Olsen Orchestra

Quotes were excerpted from multiple interviews with event industry professionals. Interviews were conducted by Hopscotch Press, an independent Marketing Company 1563 Solano Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94707
    Richard does a good job of engaging the crowd: he really pays attention. For instance, sometimes you get a loud, raucous band that forgets that they're at a wedding. Not Richard. He very much plays to the audience, reads the crowd well, and since he's so versatile, he reacts well to requests. My clients have been really happy with him.  
    "Richard's got the type of band I would use at a big wedding where you really want the music to be great, something really special. I see him at the better functions, the bigger more elaborate ones with the higher budgets, He's at the high end of the spectrum because he's very talented, versatile and personable. He's definitely high caliber. Just fantastic."  
    "Richard offers everything from a small combo to the full 30-piece Richard Olsen Orchesta with its wonderful big band and swing repertoire. They really have a big sound and his music is very, very danceable. Joel Selvin of the Chronicle says Olsen has the "swingingest" band."  
    "I have used him for the last 20 years. I can't recommend him highly enough - he is fabulous. He has quite a presence, like an old-time bandleader, but he's young and attracive with his own style. He is so great on stage. He's quite accomplished as a musician - both as a clarinet player and a singer. He also manages to be pleasant, charming, engaging and obliging on and off stage. I've never heard him say a derogatory thing about anyone - he gets along well with everyone."  
    "Richard is really flexible about changing tempo or style. I think he's so easy to work with because he's totally versatile: he combines a fabulous range of music with style and class."  
    "Richard is fun to work with since he's so easy going and flexible. He's also articulate, very professional and detail oriented. All of this makes him a real team player - and it's important for the vendors at a wedding to work as a team. For example, Richard willingly adjusts his playing time when needed. he co-operates with the other vendors to make the event work. I remember one event where we had a sound problem while band was tuning up. The sound company had already left, so Richard called in his own person and he took care of it. Now that's going the extra mile!"  
    "I have a real comfort level when they're the entertainment, because I know they're experienced and they're going to do a a good job. Richard's able to get high quality musicians because he knows all the San Francisco talent. The band is very appealing, he has a great bandstand and horn section, and I especially like the two female vocalists who can change to a Motown style. Plus, his band members always look very professional at events. You can't go wrong with them - Richard and his band are talented and trustworthy."  
    They are topnotch with swing and big band music, but also quite good with rock n'roll from the 50's to the present. I'd say their biggest strength is that they're very good for all ages. My list of references are important to me - I rely on them - and I feel very good recommending Richard.  
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