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Dear Richard:

Please allow me to take this oportunity to thank you for the outstanding music you and members of your exciting orchestra provided last Friday evening for Read-Rite's annual holiday party. Satisfying a dinner/dance gathering of 2,200 people is not an easy thing to do, and you did it so well!

I'm amazed at the number of positive telephone calls, e-mail messages, and drop-by-in-person comments, I have received this week from employees (including Cyril, our Chairman and Chief Executive Officer)raving about how much they enjoyed dancing and listening to your orchestra. You rang the bell, and in admirable style.

Hopefully, we can do a repeat next year...

John Di Matteo,
Director, Employee Communications
Read-Rite Corporation

Dear Richard:

You were a hit! I have had dozens of calls about the music at our Soiree - everyone loved it. I have never seen the dance floor so full at midnight - and this is my 11th Soiree, so I've seen a few!

It was a pleasure working with you, and I would love to work with you at our future events.

Thank you for making our event a great success!

Barbara a Roldan, Event Director
The Foundation for
San Francisco's Architectural Heritage

Dear Richard:

You really are terrific! Nancy and I both want to thank you for making the Mardi Gras Ball very special. Everyone loved you! I've had so many great remarks about you.

Having never heard you before and getting such good referrals, we certainly expected you to be really good, but lots of people thought you were the best group they've heard in years. You should be proud.

Thank you

Jan Myllymaki
The Little Jim Club at
California Pacific Medical Center

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